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Mohammad Mosaddegh

Roifield Brown February 14, 2014



Mohammad Mosaddegh

Mohammad Mosaddegh (16 June 1882 – 5 March 1967) was the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 until 1953.

Also known as Mosaddeq Persian: مُحَمَد مُصَدِق‎; IPA: [mohæmˈmæd(-e) mosædˈdeɣ]; his government was overthrown in a coup d’état that was orchestrated by the American CIA.
and the British MI6

Mosaddegh was an author, lawyer, administrator, prominent parliamentarian, his government introduced a range of progressive political and social reforms, such as social security, land reforms and rent control. His government’s most notable policy, however, was the The nationalisation of the Iranian oil industry was his most notable policy, removing British control from which had been under British since 1913 via the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC / AIOC) (later British Petroleum or BP).

Mosaddegh was removed from power in a coup on 19 August 1953, organised and carried out by the CIA at the request of MI6, which selected Iranian General Fazlollah Zahedi to succeed Mosaddegh.

While the coup is commonly referred to as Operation Ajax, after its CIA cryptonym, in Iran it is referred to as the 28 Mordad 1332 coup, after its date on the Iranian calendar. For three years, Mosaddegh was kept prisoner, then put under house arrest until his death 5th March 1967. Despite his wish to be buried in the Cemetary of the Martyrs, the then Shah, would not allow it so he was burried in his own home in Ahmadabad, in the ground beneath his dining dining room to discourage political tumult.

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