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A History Of: Alexander – Remastered

jane April 23, 2014

Podcaster Jamie Redfern


A History Of: Alexander – Remastered

A digitally remastered look at the life of Alexander the Great, from his birth in Macedonia and his conquests to the edge of the world and back. An introduction to the main characters you will encounter here:

Alexander the Great – Macedonian King and General from 336-323BC. He is the son of the Philip II. He conquered the Persian Empire and led his army all the way to India, winning many decisive battles such as Gaugamela.

Darius I (the Great) – Persian King of Kings (Shahanshah) from 522-486BC. He orders the first Persian invasion of Greece which results in Persian defeat at the battle of Marathon. He is the father of Xerxes.

Darius III – The Persian King of Kings from 336-330BC. He is, at least for the early part of Alexander’s campaigns, his main opponent. They fight several times, at Issus and Gaugamela. After being defeated by Alexander he flees into the Asiatic mountains where he is betrayed by his own men and killed.