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The History Podcasters is run by group consensus. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach would never work in the dynamic and creative world of podcasting. History podcasters are by nature very protective of their brands, so we are very careful how we touch on them. We try to keep things loose, and any challenges are tackled on a case-by-case basis by the group.

‘Collage’ Show

The ‘Collage’ is our regular show which features a selection of short excerpts from our contributors. Only one collage entry per person per topic; entry length: 7-9 min; mention it in your show

Other Shows

1) If you contribute 3+ collage entries, you can create your own episodes on History Podcasters (ie: an interview, your favourite show, etc.)

2) If you contribute 3+ collage entries, you can take leadership on something (such as a collage, a ‘cage match’, an ‘after show’, or a new show concept you dream up)


1) The most recent contributors to our show have first dibs when it comes to ads

2) Money is divided according to the number of downloads by episode each participating podcast receives


If you post an article on the History Podcasters website, you can add a backlink to your own website. This will help boost your site in Google, and will increase your traffic. (Twilight Histories has received 567 visitors from History Podcasters in 6 months thanks mostly to articles!)

Facebook and Twitter

If you contribute 3+ collage entries, you can post your promotional material our Facebook and Twitter pages